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The Records Unit is responsible for the dissemination and maintenance of all records generated by the Ripon Police Department. This unit also prepares all reports, citations, and criminal complaints for the Court, District Attorney, and Probation Department.
Ripon Police Department Crime Statistics are compiled by the Records Unit and submitted to the Department of Justice. You’ll find the Records Unit open for business hours, Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The Records Unit can be reached at (209)599-2102, or email Records Clerk Christina Caro.

Records Release Fees

Paper Copies (Reports, Printed-Photographs, etc.) 10 ¢ per page
Clearance Letter
$1.00 per letter
Records on CD (Audio Recordings, etc.)
52 ¢ per disc
Records on DVD (Video Files, etc.)
61 ¢ per disc
Records delivered via email (Reports, Photographs, etc.)
No Charge
First Copy of Crime Report
(When requester is named as a victim)
No Charge

Who may obtain a report?

Report release is governed by the Public Records act. Anyone may request a copy of a report but not everyone is ENTITLED to a report. Some reports may have confidential information that may not be released. Some reports may list Juveniles. For a report listing juvenile information, requestor must petition the juvenile court to obtain a copy. A petition for is available at the Ripon Police department. Examples of people who may obtain a copy of a report are:

  • Victims and Others named in a report.
  • Suspects* in cases that are closed, adjudicated or not under investigation.
  • Parties involved in a traffic collision. *

Suspects in cases that are pending criminal prosecution, may have access to a copy of the report through their legal counsel.

How do I obtain a report?

A Report Request Form must be completed and submitted for review. You may obtain the form by Picking up a form at the Ripon Police Department, and submitting it in person, or submit the form online You will be notified within 10 days if the report is available for release and of the associated fees. You must come to the Department with valid identification to pick up the report.

Why was my request refused?

The following are some possible reasons for requests being denied:

  • You are not a party to the report.
  • Juveniles were involved and you did not obtain a petition from the Juvenile Court.
  • The report is still under investigation or pending in court.
  • The report is no longer on file and has been disposed of according to law.
  • You are a suspect in the report and there is pending criminal action.
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