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CAIRE Program

Citizens Assisting Investigations Recorded Electronically

The Ripon Police Department would like your help to solve crimes in your neighborhood. We strongly believe in the community-oriented policing philosophy, and have developed a program to tackle crimes through key partnerships with our citizens.

With the increasing regularity of home security cameras many crimes and incidents are captured on those camera systems. Without an evolving database of those systems, vital camera footage could be missed or overlooked.

When a crime takes place in a public area, police often spend a lot of time going door-to-door to see if residents have security cameras and asking if they would allow them to review the footage. With this program, the police are able to save time by reaching out to the residents they already know have cameras and are willing to help.

The CAIRE program is a way for the Ripon Police Department to work in partnership with you to maintain a database of camera locations which will help to identify suspects and solve crimes faster. The program allows owners to inform us about their security camera systems at both private residences and local businesses. It is completely voluntary and participation is free.

How does the system work?

When a crime is reported in a particular area, the police department will contact the owners of camera systems in the area and request a copy of their video footage. This footage could assist investigators with developing leads in the investigation. The information provided by the owner of the camera system will not be available to the public nor will the video be subject to Public Records Requests.

Registration for this program will not permit the Ripon Police Department to remotely access or directly access your surveillance system.

Participation in the CAIRE program does not alter your rights to privacy in any way.

Click here to complete the registration.

If you wish to remove your information from the CAIRE registry, please send a message to gro.nopirfoyticnull@eriac.

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