Ripon Police Department

“Protect, Serve and Maintain our Quaility of Life”

Concealed Weapon Permit Application Process

In accordance with law applicants are not required to provide information justifying “good cause” for a permit application.

New Permits

  • Must live within the city limits of Ripon in order to apply.
  • Driver’s license must reflect your Ripon address and you will need to provide proof of residency (PG&E, MID, or City of Ripon water/sewer/garbage billing statement – most recent).
  • Submit three character reference letters
  • Provide proof of ownership for each firearm you want listed on the CCW permit (may have up to 5 firearms on your permit).
  • Provide a Certificate of Completion from a California approved CCW course.  The course must be a minimum of 8 hours and completed before you apply.
  • Fill out the entire CCW APPLICATION (including section 7 – Investigator’s interview notes) DO NOT SIGN THE APPLICATION.
  • Contact CSO Liz Forks at (209) 599-0271 or gro.nopirfoyticnull@skrofm to make an appointment to submit the documents once you have everything complete.

At the appointment, you will submit your documents, sign the application, complete the livescan, and have your photograph taken. The fee for the CCW background check is $113.00 and it is non-refundable.  We accept check, cash, or credit card (convenience fee is 3% with a $2.00 minimum).

If the Chief of Police approves the application, another $80.00 will be required at the time the permit is issued.


To renew an expiring CCW permit, applicants must provide a Certificate of Completion from a State of California approved firearms renewal course (4 hour minimum), and submit the Renewal application.

For specific instructions on the renewal process, please see the renewal application. The renewal fee is $77.00.  We accept check, cash, or credit card (convenience fee is 3% with a $2.00 minimum).

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