Ripon Police Department

“Protect, Serve and Maintain our Quaility of Life”


The Ripon Police Department handles both land-line and cellular 9-1-1 calls, and these calls can be pinpointed to the exact location of origin to give officers an actual location to respond to. Cellular calls used to be routed through a phone bank, and then back to the individual emergency services provider closest to the caller.  Now, however, calls originating from within the City of Ripon (excluding freeways, where the CHP has jurisdiction) are routed directly to the Ripon Police Department Communication Center.  Here, GPS and cellular-carrier equipment gives the police dispatcher the exact latitude and longitude of a caller. These calls can be traced on a map even if the caller is in a car. This technology enables the Ripon Police to respond faster and better.


The Ripon Police 9-1-1/Communications Unit operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Dispatchers are the unseen partners of Police Officers and receive specialized training in communication skills, handling critical incidents, and multi-tasking, so that they may effectively serve the needs of the community.

Using state of the art communications equipment, dispatchers take calls for service by phone, from counter walk ups, and transfers from other agencies. Trained to ask callers specific questions designed to gather critical details in limited time, they field the information to the officers. In many cases, it is the skill of the dispatcher that enables an officer to find a criminal fleeing from a crime.
The ability to multi-task is an extremely critical part of the Dispatchers position, particularly for Ripon Dispatchers who also provide dispatch services for the City of Escalon. At times the dispatcher is listening to someone on the phone, someone at the window, and officers on two different radio frequencies, all at the same time.

Sorting out the information and prioritizing it takes skill and a special ability. If you visit “Dialing 911“, “Reporting a Crime” and “Being an Effective Witness“, you will find information that will aid the Dispatcher in providing you with efficient service.

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