Ripon Police Department

“Protect, Serve and Maintain our Quaility of Life”


Ripon PD AC Shelter
Animal Services Unit
444 Doak Boulevard
Phone: 599-3146
Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

If the shelter is closed during posted hours, please call 599-2102 for assistance.
If after hours assistance is required for stray, vicious or an injured animal, please contact the Ripon Police Department at 599-2102.
Please note:  It is illegal to leave animals at the shelter unless qualified Ripon Police Department personnel are on site and assisting you.  This facility is remotely monitored by surveillance equipment.
The Animal Services Unit is a division of the Ripon Police Department. Adoptions and Live Animal Traps are handled during office hours only unless special arrangements have been made.

Animal Control Ordinances
To afford every resident peace and harmony, the City animal control ordinances are strictly enforced. The four most common violations are:

Owner Responsibility
The City of Ripon acknowledges the importance of pets in people’s lives. Pet owners have a responsibility to ensure that their pets do not become a nuisance for surrounding neighbors.
Be a Volunteer
The Animal Control Volunteers are citizens over the age of 18, who donate their time to assist Animal Services in a variety of areas. Animal Control Volunteers members receive training in many areas so that they may perform in a professional and effective manner
The City of Ripon is bordered on the south side by the Stanislaus River. This riparian environment creates a excellent wildlife habitat. It’s not uncommon for officers to see coyotes or foxes on Main St. during the night shift. CSO’s have rescued Great Horned Owls on more than one occasion. They have also had the “pleasure” of responding to calls of “Help there’s a skunk under my house!” Additional types of services are:

  • Adoptions
  • Stray animal pick-up
  • Animal welfare checks
  • Animal cruelty investigations
  • Vicious/Dangerous animal investigations
  • Fighting animal investigations
  • Dog bite investigations
  • Dead stray animal pick-up
  • Wildlife Rescue
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