Ripon Police Department

“Protect, Serve and Maintain our Quaility of Life”

Award Citations

Departmental Awards are one way of recognizing outstanding, exceptional, or extraordinary acts by members of the Ripon Police Department.  Awards earned by members no longer employed by the department will remain listed for posterity.  Several members, as noted below, have been given awards posthumously.

Purple Heart Citation
The Purple Heart Medal is awarded to Ripon Police Department employees who sustained serious injury in the line of duty. Employees must have been actively engaged in a police activity at the time of the injury and it must be a sufficient gravity to require professional medical treatment. This award is intended to recognize employees who are injured as a result of felonious assaults or injuries resulting from shootings, fires, explosion, etc.

  •  Officer Robert Winget – Posthumously Awarded for the event in April of 2007
  • Sergeant Paul Stevens – Posthumously Awarded for the event in January of 1972
Combat Cross Citation
The Combat Cross Medal is awarded to a Ripon Police Department member who, acting intelligently and in the line of duty, performs an act which upholds the high standards of the law enforcement profession while engaged in personal combat with an armed adversary.

  • 2005 – SGT Edward Ormonde
  • 2005 – FTO Kenneth Husman
  • 2004 – SGT Steve Merchant
  • 2004 – Officer Josh Sweeten
  • 2004 – Officer Scott King
Lifesaving Citation
The Lifesaving Medal is awarded to a Ripon Police Department member in appreciation for prompt and unselfish act of rendering aid and assistance to another human being that resulted in saving a life.

  • 2022 – FTO Richard Francis
  • 2021 – Officer Michael Perry
  • 2011 – Officer Paul Staley
  • 2010 – SGT Don Luthey
  • 2010 – FTO Kenneth Husman
  • 2010 – Officer Gordon West
Unit Commendation Citation
The Unit Commendation Citation ribbon/bar is awarded to two or more members who perform an act or a series of acts over a period of time which demonstrate a high degree of teamwork and professionalism and which result in the attainment of departmental goals, thus increasing the department’s effectiveness and efficiency. This award may be presented alone or in addition to any other award. If it results from a particular incident, only those personnel actually working at the time are eligible; if it results from a series of acts over a period of time, all personnel assigned to the unit are eligible, IE: City, County, State or National Awards.

  • 2005 through 2009 – Ripon Police Department
Military Service Citation
The Military Service Ribbon is awarded to any member of the Ripon Police Department
who has served in any branch of the United States Military and has obtained an Honorable Discharge in the service to our country.

  • Chief Edward Ormonde, Air Force 1994-1998
  • SGT Donald Luthey, Navy 1988-1988
  • SGT Stephen Meece, Navy 1991-2003
  • FTO Kenneth Husman, Army 1988-1994
  • Officer Gabriel Calvo, Army Reserve 2017-
  • Officer Eloy Magana, Marine Corps 2011-2015
  • Officer Kristin Garcia, Army 2008-2012, Army Reserve 2012-2018
  • Dispatcher Monica Beaudette, Air Force 1999-2003
9/11 Citation
The 9/11 Citation Bar is intended for the active duty personnel who were employed at the time of the event. This is a “participation” award to identify active duty law enforcement officers who were working at the time and to honor the memory of all those who were lost during the terrorist event of September 11, 2001.

  • Chief Richard Bull
  • LT Dale DeBie
  • SGT Dave Giardina
  • SGT Richard Kalebjian
  • SGT Steven Merchant
  • FTO Toni Giardina
  • FTO Don Luthey
  • FTO Scott Lindsay
  • Officer Sharon Johnson
  • Officer Kenneth Husman
  • Officer Edward Ormonde
  • Officer Timothy Bailey
  • Officer Alexander Burgos
  • Reserve Officer Anthony Demarinis
  • Reserve Officer Alfred Arami
  • Dispatch Supervisor Linda Johnston
  • Dispatcher Celeste Wilson
  • State Park Peace Officer Terri Jensen
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