Regional Occupational Program

ROPROP – Careers in Law Enforcement Course
The Regional Occupational Program – Careers in Law Enforcement Course is being offered by the Ripon Police Department, in cooperation with the Ripon Unified School District and Ripon High School, to 11th and 12th grade students attending Ripon High School. The course is designed to provide information to students regarding various careers in law enforcement. Students participate in a daily, two-period class, and receive instruction on topics such as: The history of policing, the American criminal justice system, the duties of a police officer, the role of the courts and how correctional facilities operate.
Students also take several field trips throughout the year. Destinations include: The Ripon Police Department’s police station, the Ripon Police Department’s shooting range, the Department of Justice Crime Lab, and the California Highway Patrol Academy in Sacramento. Students will meet people from a variety of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. These guest speakers will talk to the students about their particular agency, what it takes to get a job with that agency and what their individual assignment is within their agency. Students will also be exposed to hands-on training regarding the day to day duties that a police officer takes part in and will also learn about officer safety tactics so that a police officer is able to return home at the end of their shift. In addition, students have an opportunity to ride with an on-duty police officer for a portion of their shift so they can experience what life is like working a patrol area.
A main component of this course is to educate the students on the proper methods to apply and interview for a job. Obviously the lessons will focus toward getting hired by a law enforcement agency, but the skills they learn can be applied to any career choice the student ultimately makes.
The class was originally offered during the 2004 – 2005 school year. Based upon feedback received from the students, parents and the school district, we believe this course has been very successful in reaching out to the youth of our community. We look forward to the continued success and growth of the course in the years to come.
If you would like further information regarding the ROP Course, please meet with your guidance counselor.

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