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Animal License Fees

Use this form to obtain an Animal License
Why should you get your dog licensed?
1. If your dog gets lost, a license tag on your dog’s collar is the fastest way to reunite you two. Microchipping is a permanent way to mark your dog, but a license tag is immediately visible to everyone.
2. A visible license, unlike microchipping, lets people know that your dog has received the required vaccinations.
3. The fee you pay for your dog license and license renewal helps to support the animal shelter. The shelter is here to handle the over-population of pets, and hopefully find homes for many of these animals.
If you have questions, you may call a Shelter Assistant at 599-3146 for more information, or send an
e-mail: gro.nopirfoyticnull@retlehs

Dog License Fees

Fees for non-spayed/neutered dogs
1 Year License $15.00
2 Year License $28.00
3 Year License $40.00
Fees for spayed/neutered dogs
1 Year License $5.00
2 Year License $9.00
3 Year License $12.00
Penalty (applied if fees are not paid by January 28: $10.00

Impound Fees

First Impound $20.00
without proof of Spay or Neuter $35.00
Second Impound $30.00
without proof of Spay or Neuter $50.00
Third Impound $40.00
wihtout proof of Spay or Neuter $100.00
*First time fine may be refunded with proof of spay or neuter within one month of release.
Cloven or Hard Hoofed $40.00
Feed per day – Any Animal: $10.00


Example Scenario 1

Example Scenario 2

A dog who has been impounded for the first time, for three days, and is not licensed:
+ $15.00 (no license)
+ $10.00 (Penalty for not being licensed)
+ $20.00 (Impound Fee)
+ $30.00 (3 days Feed/Maintenance)
+ $35.00 (no proof of spay or neuter)
= $110.00
A dog who is licensed, spayed, but has been impounded for the second time, for three days:
+ $30.00 (Second Impound)
+ $30.00 (3 days Feed/Maintenance)
= $60.00

Pick up for Disposal

Live Owned Animal: $90.00 plus license fees if animal is not currently licensed
Dead Owned Animal: $40.00
Call out Fee (after hours) $40.00

AVID Chipping

The Ripon Animal Shelter can Avid-Chip your pet.  The fee for this service is $15.00

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