The Ripon Police Department is reaching out to the parents of local high school students, asking them to speak to their children about a game called “Water Wars” that includes the mock-execution of fellow students with water guns. Participation in this game has led to injuries, damage to property, and the expenditure of valuable police resources.

Students pay a fee to enter the game. They are given the name of a fellow student who is targeted for “elimination.” Students often lie in wait in the darkness at homes, schools, businesses and churches, in order to “eliminate” their target. Students have also been known to chase each other in vehicles. The final student who “Survives” wins a cash prize.

The Ripon Police Department has received multiple reports of crimes in progress that turned out to be students playing the “Water Wars” game.  When our citizens call 911, reporting a crime in progress, it prompts an immediate police response. Parents need to be aware of the fact that high school students chasing each other in cars with water guns, or lying in wait, trying to “eliminate” someone, are a public safety concern.

“Water Wars” is not a school sponsored event. The Ripon Police Department desires to work with parents, students and local schools to keep our children safe.