Special Operation A Success

Over the past six months the Ripon Police Department implemented a special operation to reduce criminal acts that were taking place during the late evening and early morning hours within our city. The operation, known as Operation Ameliorate (improve or make better), put additional officers on-duty during specific days and hours of the day to capture criminals in the act of committing crimes and to prevent future crimes from occurring.
The officers assigned to this operation volunteered to work extra shifts so a positive impact on crime reduction in our community could occur. At times, several additional officers worked higher crime neighborhoods and patrolled our streets in marked and unmarked vehicles. During the operation, officers noted that many people in our community were securing their property and calling in suspicious activity.

Many of our residents can recall that in late November of 2017 through January of 2018, the city was experiencing a high rate of thefts from motor vehicles and break-ins, where personal belongings were being taken at an alarming rate for our community. During Operation Ameliorate overall Part 1 Crimes have been reduced a staggering 41%, with stolen vehicles being reduced by 50%, burglaries being reduced by 27%, and thefts being reduced by 26%.
For the remainder of the year the department will be implementing a new plan to help further reduce crime and maintain the safety and security that our community deserves and expects.
The department thanks all of our staff for their continuous hard work in keeping our community safe, and the public for taking a proactive approach in assisting the department with our crime fighting efforts. Together we can make a strong and powerful impact on the safety of our community.