Ripon Police Acquire Used Harleys To Assist With Traffic Safety

In December of 2016, the Ripon Police Department asked the Ripon City Council to consider the surplus of two 2013 Zero DS electric motorcycles in an effort to obtain two used 2014 Harley Davidson Electra Glide motorcycles from the Tracy Police Department. Once the electric motorcycles were declared as surplus items the proposal stated the electric motorcycles would be exchanged for the Harley Davidson motorcycles at no cost to either department.
Through testing and evaluation of the Zero electric motorcycles that were obtained through a no-cost grant, the department has realized there are some specific instances where the electric motorcycles actually perform better than their gasoline counterparts. In other instances, the gas powered motorcycles are preferable.
The department now has the ability to complement our existing (2) Zero S electric units with the Harley Davidson motorcycles in order to better meet the needs of our department’s traffic safety mission.
On 07-14-16 this no-cost project came to fruition. The Ripon Police Department will be deploying the used Harley Davidson motorcycles, and the highly trained officers who ride them to the streets of Ripon next week.
P.I.O. – Lieutenant Steve Merchant
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