Skimming Device Located On Bank Automated Teller Machine

On 03-19-2017 a “skimming” device was located on the Bank of Stockton Automated Teller Machine located at 234 West Main Street in Ripon. Four persons of interest have been identified through surveillance photos. The skimming device was placed on the ATM at approximately 7:30 am on 03-19-17 by an adult male and female. At approximately 5:40 pm that same day, a different pair of adults returned to remove a hidden camera.

Investigators and bank officials have not received any reports of unauthorized access to bank accounts at this time. If you have information regarding the identities of these subjects, please contact Ripon Police Department Detective Alex Burgos @ 209-599-2102 or gro.nopirfoyticnull@sogruba
P.I.O. – Lieutenant Steve Merchant
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