Ripon Police Department takes delivery of body-worn cameras to deploy to Sergeants, Officers and In-field staff

Ripon, CA – Ripon Police Department took delivery today of a shipment of body-worn video cameras to be assigned to officers, sergeants and other staff who routinely interact with the public. By leveraging relationships with current vendors and investments in existing technology, the Department was able to maximize the number of officers who can be outfitted with cameras, obtaining more cameras with the same funding than would have otherwise been possible. The cameras act as unblinking eyewitnesses to police interactions with the community, providing an undisputable account of interactions that occur not only in view of traditional patrol car dash-cameras, but wherever a call may take an officer.
Body-worn video has proven to be an invaluable tool for police departments, by providing an unalterable, continuous record of incidents as they unfold. “I am excited to be able to provide this valuable and powerful tool to my officers, supervisors and staff” said Police Chief Edward Ormonde, who himself plans to use a body-worn camera while on duty.
The cameras record once triggered by the officer, but also include a “record after the fact” function which allows retrieval of video should something unfold before an officer has a chance to reach over and activate the camera. Early estimates are that a camera should function in the field for at least 9 hours without the need for charging or docking. The department was able to purchase 23 cameras during the initial deployment, and hopes to be able to purchase several more in the future to fully equip the entire department. Department administration expects to have cameras deployed in the field by the end of the month.
P.I.O. – Lieutenant Steve Merchant
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